Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rick's Tavern & Grille

Our 62nd Review
Official Review #62

5955 Boymel Drive Fairfield, Ohio 45040


This is one we found from Groupon Coupons, I had been here many years ago, but they had moved just around the corner of the strip mall they were in, and up the lane abit, but basically the same exact area and block. We ordered the Angus Burger 7oz. $7.99  and they also have a  5oz. $5.99 cooked to order and choice of Toppings with fries, It's a fairly big sports bar,a bit dark and gloomy in many spots, but it looked clean, service was fair, our waitress was training someone new, but in my opinion was acting like she had somewhere better to be than training someone, it was around Lunch time, but only a few people were there.

This Burger was pretty good, but not as good as it looked, it looked great, one of the best looking Burgers I've had anywhere, the lettuce was a nice bright green, the tomato nice and red and juicy looking, nice big white onion, it was a big burger,  but overall the taste was a little blaw, it was real beef and cooked to order, medium well as we ordered it, but it was just lacking something, I added some salt & pepper, which helped some, but it just seemed to need a lot more, the more was not bad, the fries were very good, but the burger did not live up to it's good looks or the good fries, it was not bad, but a bit dry and just lacking flavor, I would have loved to recommend it and give it a high rating, since it looked the part of a top 10 burger, but the flavor just did not cut it, I wish had more to say about this one, but that's it, good fries, good toppings, good looks, nice sports bar, fair service, but a blaw tasting burger.

Final Thoughts: Not top 10, even though it was real Beef and looked great, just too plain tasting for me.
If I returned here, I would try something else, not a bad burger, just not worth $8 with other great burgers around.

Final Rating: 6.0* Avg/Not Bad-Nothing Special.

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