Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dairy Yum Yum II

Our 63rd Review
Official Review #63

1105 2nd Street Ripley Ohio


It was recommended to us to try this littlel local Dairy Bar out and to try the double burger here, it was similar looking to a  Frisch's Big boy, it had moved on down the road from it's original location, it's a very nice looking little Dairy Bar, that serves a variety of food, service was good and it was clean.

We stopped in on a Sunday after Church for Lunch, the Burger looked good, and just like a Big Boy, but
it tasted nowhere near as good, it was a decent sized sandwich, but the flavor just was not there, I added Salt and pepper but it only helped a little, the beef patties just did not have much flavor, it was a plain ole bun, just nothing special at all for it to have been recommended that we try it out, my Wife had a very good, chicken sandwich and the onion rings were also very good, and the fries that came with our meals were good.

I just wish I could have liked the burger more, as I love these little local Dairy bars and burger places.

I would return for the Chicken sandwich, fries and onion Rings but not the Burger I had, I would definitely order something else, not bad, just not good enough, so not much else to say about this one, just way too plain tasting.

We also had ice cream for dessert and it was good, but our overall meal was a bit expensive for what all we had. slightly overpriced in our opinion, if I were ever in the area, and wanted a Burger, I would go to the Bowling Alley just down the road at Town & Country for their Sliders, which are excellent.

Final Thoughts:  decent big boy look alike, but definitely did not have the flavor to boost it up the list.

Final Rating: 5.0Average/Not Bad-Nothing Special.

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Forgot to get a Photo of the Food here, but if you know what  a Frisch's Big Boy looks like that's it.

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