Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cafe on the Green

Our 66th Review
Official Review #66

3670 Smith Rd
California, Kentucky 41007

859.635.2170    859.448.0205

Café Classic Burger  $7.95   Monday after 6pm
Burger Special    $6.95
1/2lb Classic Cheeseburger & fries.
Seasoned 1/2lb Burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & Mayo, it came with 2 slices of American Cheese.
It's a huge Burger, a very large piece of beef, definitely seasoned, I ordered it Medium Well as usual and it comes with fries.
It's located off the AA Hwy. in California, Ky. just down from the California Marketplace, it's located on a Beautiful Golf Course, it can't be seen from the main road, and it's a very nice, clean Restaurant, you can eat outside and have a great view of the Golf Course, but it was way too hot for that, when 3 of us went for Dinner.
The Garden topping the Burger was fresh, and the Beef had an excellent taste to it, the only thing I would change would be to ask that just,
1 slice of American Cheese instead of 2, just a bit too much for me, the bun was ok, not one of the better ones I've tried, but it was not bad,
but if they would add a nicer tasting bun, it would up to the rating on this Burger a lot, as the meat was very good, one of the better pieces of beef, I've tasted on a Burger and also one of the biggest pieces.
The others in the group decided on Ribeye Steak  and they also taste tested the Burger as I did their steak and I can say it was one awesome Steak, actually the steak would get a much higher rating than the Burger, and that's not taking anything away from the Burger, the fries were also very
good, and more than enough to go with the meal, for $7.95 it was definitely worth it.

I can recommend this Burger, but if I return, it will be for the Ribeye Steak, on Mondays after 6pm, you can get the 1/2lb. burger & fries for $6.95, so I might return sometime for that deal.

Final Thoughts: This one was good, not awesome and not overall top 10 but worth a try if you're in the area.

Final Rating: 7.0* (Try it-abv.avg/GdtoVG)

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