Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gold Star Chili

   Our 67th Review
Official Review #67

Many Locations in Cincinnati & N. Kentucky

They have been advertising their Burgers for a Long time, so we decided to drop in and check them out, they had a $4.99 Special going on, so we ordered that, they have 6 different Burgers, so I'm not sure how much the regular prices are on their Burgers.
We got the Backyard Burger Topped with grilled ham, grated cheddar and tomato with BBQ sauce and a touch of chipotle dressing.  1/3 Pound Gourmet Burgers, it's a place you would not think to find a good burger or even try one, but if they serve them, I will try them, we were pleasantly surprised when we got our Burgers, they looked great to start off with, I can usually tell from my first bite how it's going to go, and it was very good, the bun also was good, they don't ask how you want it cooked, it appeared well done, the flavor of the meat was very good, and it definitely had some spices in it, salt, pepper and not sure what else, but it was good, the Bun did not fall apart, which is always a plus and it was good.
The toppings were all fresh and tasted good as well, this location served fries, not sure if all do, but they were also very good, a great deal if they still have this for the price, probably a Lunch special they do.

Final Thoughts: Again this one surprised us, it was really good, I prefer Skyline & Empress Chili over their 5-ways and Coneys, but if I eat here again, I will definitely order a Burger and can definitely recommend it.

Final Rating: 6.5* Try it-above avg/Good to Very Good.

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