Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Our 53rd Review
Official Review #53

6805 Houston Road, Suite 900
Florence, Kentucky


3 of us made this trip to Drake's it's a fairly new location in Florence, Ky. it's a big nice looking sports bar, with lots of Tv's and even though it's a sports bar, there were a lot of Families with kids of all ages and the staff seemed to cater to the kids, so it's a great place for anyone.
2 of us ordered the TAVERN BURGER $10  smothered in sautéed onions, pepper jack cheese & remoulade sauce. I ordered the Mini Cheeseburgers:  $10  three mouthwatering minis topped w/

melted American cheese add bacon for a buck more which I did.

The mini's were of a fairly good size, and they looked good, and their 2 big burgers were just that, huge.
they are made with 100% USDA GRADE A SIRLOIN STEAK as listed on their menu.

I originally thought my 4 minis would not be enough, but by the time I finished, I was full, we ordered them all Medium-Well, they tasted very good, and again the other burgers were huge, they did not seem to have much if any seasoning in them, but they still had a good grilled flavor, everyone enjoyed their burgers and said they would eat here again, but there are much better burgers to be had, especially for $10 all the toppings were fresh and tasted good, the service was very good, even though the place was crowded, and everyone liked the fries.

I would eat here again, but for $10 for a decent burger, I would probably look at trying something else if I came here again and save my $10 for a much better burger elsewhere.

Final Thoughts: Not a bad burger, even though Sirloin, it's still middle of the pack for this one, not really worth $10

Final Review: 6.5*

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