Thursday, May 21, 2015


Our 56th Review
Official Review #56

8851 Towne & Country Circle
Knoxville, Tennessee  37923 

Phone: 865.531.9494
Fax:     865.531.0683

This one will go under our out of town list, as there are none in Ohio or Kentucky.

They use to be around the area but are closed and I don't know why as they were an excellent Burger, their ad claims as it says, The World's Best Burger, well not quite, not even best in the area when it was around, but definitely a very good one.

We stopped here on a trip to S.C. near the Smokey Mountains.

I ordered, The Frick Burger during Lunch, I got the 1/3lb. burger meal it was a Lunch Special, this is the smallest burger they have, but make no mistake, this is not a small burger, if you go larger, be prepared to be able to eat a huge burger, it came with a drink & fries for around $10, not a bad deal.
it was a Hearty third-pound burger with Cheese.

The meat tasted like it had a few seasonings, salt & pepper for sure, and it was pretty good, one of the better burgers I've had in a while and it's been years since I've had a Fudruckers burger since they left Ohio and Ky.

It was a large Medium-Well piece of beef, tasted fresh, but the best part apart this burger and this place are, the Fixins Bar, it's like a Salad Bar for just the Burger, they have absolutely every single Topping you would ever want or think of to go on a Burger.

They have ever sauce and extra seasonings to go on it, after fixing mine up with the works, it really improved it, and made it, one of the best Burgers we've ever had, definitely top 10, maybe top 5, there were 2 of us on this trip and we both agreed on this, we both ordered the same burger, and both tasted good.

You can't go wrong coming here, nothing beats the fixings bar with a freshly cooked piece of beef.

The fries were also good, and they have cookies which were good.

Final Thoughts: I can definitely recommend this one and will eat here again, next time we head south for a trip.

Final Rating: 8.0*

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