Friday, May 22, 2015


Our 58th Review
Official Review #58

  • 5468 Taylor Mill Rd
  • Taylor Mill, Kentucky 41015


We stopped in here on a late Monday Night so we could get a meal and watch Monday night Football, I had remembered getting Wings here more than 20 years ago and could not believe it was still here, I don't think it had the same name, but served Wings and the same type of food.

the inside looks great, it's split into 2 parts, the left side is the Bar with a wall separating the Dining area, which is has an old time look to it.

The Waitress was awesome that night, we ordered 20 Garlic Wings and a couple of deluxe Burgers.

The Wings were excellent, they won the N. Kentucky award for Best Wings in the area and it's well deserved, the Burger is another thing, I won't go into too much on it, except that, I won't go here again for Burgers, they are known for their  Wings, so that's what you should order, the Fries were also good.

The Bun fell apart, again, I absolutely hate when I 1st pick up a burger and the bun starts falling apart, the Burger itself, just was not very good, it was pretty plain, it was a big burger, but the bun was not good and the meat could have been much better, I  would never order it again, simply put, there are so many better Burgers around, go elsewhere for them, but go here for the Great Wings.

No more needed here, it just was not good!

Final Thoughts: Great Wings, I love the Garlic Wings & Fries with Celery & Blue Cheese!
If this were a Blog for Best Wings, this one would be in the top 5 and Challenge for the top spot, as good as any Wings around.

Final Rating: 4.5*

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