Sunday, May 24, 2015


Our 59th Review
Official Review #59

Several Locations in the Cincinnati area and 2 in N. Ky. checkout the website for Locations near you, for this review I tried the Florence, Kentucky location.

7905 Mall Road
Florence, Kentucky
Just across from Florence Mall by Toys r us.

I have always loved Izzy's Sandwiches, their Reubens and Corned Beef & Salami, with Pickles and excellent Fried Potato Pancakes, I'm not sure when they started adding Burgers, but just recently I started seeing them pop up in best burger discussions for the area, so we decided to try them out.

We ordered a Double ZZ Burger with Corned Beef, $8,99  a 100% Angus beef on rye, you can get it with Corned Beef, or Pastrami.

Also an Izzy Burger $8.29 With lettuce, tomato and red onion on a toasted kaiser bun.

They both come with about 4 of their excellent Pickles, a big Potato Pancake, and a pack of Mustard, I normally don't use Mustard on my Burgers, but it's good on these and their regular Sandwiches.

They don't ask you here how you want them cooked, ours came well-done, next time if I come here again, I will ask if they can cook it Medium-Well and see if they will do that or if Well-Done is their Standard way to cook them.

They were fairly good-sized thick patties, definitely no hint of spices, no salt, pepper or anything, we had to add our own, it was a good tasting piece of Beef, reminded me of Zip's Cafe Burgers, a good tasting burger, but something I could cook on my own grill at home with good beef, nothing special, just plain good.

The Rye that mine came on was really good, I actually preferred it over the Kaiser Bun of their Plain burger, also the Corned Beef was excellent and added to the taste of the Burger, made it much better, gave it a better Flavor.

I think if they would add some spices when cooking it, and if they would ask how you wanted them cooked, would definitely improve the Flavor of these good burgers.

We both agreed this was a pretty good Burger and would definitely prefer the one with the Corned Beef on any future trips.

The Whole Meal definitely filled us up.

Final Thoughts: We can definitely recommend these Burgers, give the Double ZZ a try with Corned Beef or Pastrami, otherwise, you will get just a plain ole good burger, the Corned Beef or Pastrami really makes it different and special.

Final Rating: 7.0* - 6.0* without the Corned Beef or Pastrami, 7.0* with it.

 with Corned Beef on Rye!

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