Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Our 52nd Review
Official Review #52


8850 Governor's Hill Dr.
Mason, OH 45249


We had the whole group try this place out, and we had heard lots of good things and we're excited, even though all the talk had been about the Chicken here, we had heard about some good Burgers also, so everyone ordered a variety of Burgers and Chicken item, off the Menu, I had
The Frick Burger,  I think it was around $10 or so, it's listed as a Hearty half-pound burger with all the fixings.
I ordered it Medium-well and when it arrived, it looked great and out of our group of 5, everyone agreed and commented on how great all the Burgers looked,

As soon as I picked it up, the Bun fell apart, I absolutely hate to pick up a Burger, especially one that looked this appetizing to start it and have the bun immediately fall apart,  for 1 thing the bun is just too big, no need for it to be so big, it's like they are trying to overwhelm the burger with toppings and the huge bun, the meat does not taste like fresh beef and homemade, tastes like a bad frozen piece of junk, I was absolutely surprised.

I did not bother to ask if it was real beef or a Frozen patty out of a box, simply because it just was so bad, I did not care what it was made of, it was not the absolute worst tasting burger I've ever had, but it was close to it, but after finishing the meal at sitting there talking with the others, I began to feel a bit sick with my stomach after eating it, the aftertaste I had with this one was awful.

The Fries were good, I tasted a bite of everyone's Chicken and their burgers, and the burgers all had the same general taste, the Chicken had an awesome taste to it, and would return for the Chicken.

But I was sadly disappointed with this burger, and no one else in the group thought their burgers were very good either, so we all agreed it would definitely hit the bottom of the rating list on the blog here.

Final thoughts: The Bun fell apart right away, never a good sign, even with a good piece of meat and this piece was definitely not good, I will never eat another burger here again, but would return for any of their Chicken items.

Final Rating: 2.5* Not Good at all! Looks good, but does not measure up to its looks! Fries good!

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