Thursday, May 21, 2015


Our 57th Review
Official Review #57

502 West 6th Street
Covington, Kentucky 41011


My Wife & I had a groupon Coupon and stopped in, it's in a nice little area of Covington, and the place itself, looked clean and updated, it was around Lunch time, I got the Main Strasse Monster $10.99
it was huge, no way to get this thing in your mouth, you have to cut it and eat it in pieces,
Double Chuck, Double Cheese, Double Fried Egg, 4 strips of bacon. is worth it with Fries, which were good.
With the Groupon coupon, it was nearly half of a $20 order, The Burger was very good, although I don't prefer Chuck, it was still very good, 2 fried eggs were too much, I can eat a lot, but this Monster is way too big and way too much burger, it would be much better at half the size for me, and still that would be a big burger, I would come here to eat a  Normal Regular Burger anytime,now when I say this Burger was huge, it's no exaggeration, it's the absolute biggest burger I've ever had, it was pretty good, but 2 eggs just took away too much from the taste of the meat, so I started removing some of the extra items on this thing to get a better taste of the burger, it definitely had lots of seasonings in it and was a bit overcoocked, but still good, I ordered it Medium-well but don't believe it made it that way, as it tasted Well Done
 I've heard they have excellent Pizza and I saw several people picking up boxes of Pizza to go, so I want to try it next time, but the reviews say Pizza is good, Burgers are VEry Good and big, so are the fries, service was ok, Bar Tender was waitress at Lunch Time, not too busy or too many people, but when we gave her the Groupon coupon to start out, she seemed to get an attitude about it, I hate it when places offer coupons, then their employees give you an attitude for using them, service from her was slow, I still gave a good Tip, even though her service sucked, because I don't want them to think coupon people are cheap, but businesses, you need to get on your people about this coupon attitude, next time if service is poor, I will ask for the manager and tell them just because we have a coupon, does not mean we won't leave a good tip for good service and if service is bad, I will tell the Manager that's why no or very little tip, and that even with a Coupon I won't return a 3rd time or more, no matter how good the food, and that I will pass that on to everyone I know, if it happens again at any location I use a coupon at.

Final Thoughts: Very Good Burger, but order a regular burger, the Monster is too much and also you just can't quite get a taste of the burger due to all the extra stuff on this one., fries were good, service sucked.

Final Rating: 7.0*

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