Thursday, May 21, 2015

Waffle House

Our 55th Review
Official Review #55

Any Waffle House, they are all the same & I've tried several in Ohio & Kentucky, and they are all around.

This one will be short, quick and simple and to the point.

The Burger does not taste like fresh beef, tastes like a badly frozen patty, the bun had no taste and was plain and generic tasting, I use to enjoy eating here, but I think they have switched where they get their products from and I think it's a lower quality place, either that or they still buy from the same one, and that place has lower the quality of what they sell to Restaurants.

Either way, it's a bad burger, I will NEVER< EVER< attempt a Burger at Waffle House again!.

Final Thoughts: If you like this burger and think it's good, then you've never eaten a good one or a great one.

Final Rating: 2.0*  BAD! or at the very least, closer to bad than it ever will be too good.

No Photos needed for this one, it was not worth the time to take a Photo.

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