Saturday, July 21, 2018

B&A Street Kitchen

Our 75th Review

Official Review #75

1500 Race Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


We stopped here and grabbed a take-out order, during Burger week 2018 as it was one of the few places to offer take-out during this week, they had their new 


Looks like it's normally around $10 for their burgers, they serve breakfast & Lunch and seem to close early.

Juicy Angus beef burger topped with our house-made spicy-sweet jalapeno jelly and crispy Tajin-spiced chicharr√≥n (pork rinds), resting on a bed of fresh lettuce, tomato, and our own bourbon mayo to add a southern twist. Served on a toasted brioche bun, it’s the perfect marriage of Southern and Tex-Mex, just the way we like it.

The Angus Beef Patty tasted absolutely Amazing, one of the very best tasting Patties I've ever had, but this was on a Gourmet type Burger, and this one, none of us liked, it was just way too sweet, I don't like my Burgers sweet, to me that takes away from the Flavor by adding sweet sauces and spices.
The Patty a near 10* the overall burger about a 4* we did not care for the Jalapeno Jelly and I love Jalapeno's, The pork rinds were good, just not on a Burger, alone, yes they would have been fine, the Bourbon mayo was good, and by itself might have been ok, but just added more sweetness to it all.
The Angus Beef Patty was definitely full of spices, Salt, Pepper & maybe some oregano, or Montreal Steak Seasoning, but either way, it was delicious!
If I came here again, I would order just a plain Burger, with the patty and maybe lettuce, tomato, onion, and I'm sure my Rating would then go way up, the Brioche Bun was also good, the place looked clean and everyone very friendly, parking was easy, about 40% full in the place, but our take-out seemed to take forever, but they were nice, I ordered a Large Diet Dew, $2.25 the guy behind the counter said yes, it's very hot out today you definitely need a Large, a small was $1.75 so I figured why not, when he handed me the drink, it looked like a small at Mcdonald's, LOL!, I thought WOW!, how big or should I say how small is your small, very tiny drink for over $2 bucks, oh well.
Final Thoughts:  Awesome Tasting  Angus Beef Patty, one of the best I've had, overall Burger was way tooooo, Sweet, I will return to try the Beef on a plain ole burger, I will give it a higher rating due to the great tasting Beef.
Final Rating:  7.5* (Try it-abv Avg/Good to VG)
Next Tasty Review:  Still looking locations over!

They put it in a nice sized plastic container with condiments, napkin. 

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