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Our 81st Review
Official Review #81

3378 Erie Ave., East Hyde Park
                                  Cincinnati, OH 45208


Dutch's: Burger du Jour, $12

They have been named at one time or another as the best burger in town!

But due to serving Burgers only on Thursday's and changing them every time, I can't rate them highly for these reasons, but it's a very good burger when we all went.

Thursday night is burger night,  I had read that this is the only night they service Burgers and that it can be a totally Different Burger each & every Thursday, they serve them until they run out, Parking is limited, so get their early if you want to try one.

On this Trip we had Brandy, Heather back to help review & my Wife, so the 4 of us together as a team again, Brandy commented on the atmosphere here, she loved it, Heather thought the service was just perfect, my wife & I noticed the lack of Parking, LOL!
Prepare to be blown away by Jim Cornwell and Patrick Hague’s burger du jour  $12  topped with everything from a goat cheese and roasted garlic ravioli with guanciale-rich a’matriciana sauce balsamic braised ramps, sun-dried tomato pesto, shaved mushrooms, and Finn Meadows Farm’s spinach the next—all piled onto a Sixteen Bricks brioche bun that more than holds its own.
The Burger du jour from Dutch's can also be topped with fried green tomato, pimento cheese, and herbed goat cheese aioli.
Classic it most certainly is not, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t reveal that behind one of the best burgers in town is bona fide Ohio beef. Yup, this $12 burger is the product of a helluva lotta industry folk—chefs, farmers, bakers—who have combined their powers to achieve local burger domination.
The burgers are as unique as the beers, classic roots with radical additions that complement each other like a senior in high school to his prom date trying to get some. As you enjoy the food,  
 Each week the Chef's devise a 'specialty' burger but you better get in quick as they run out! Both times I've visited we've been treated to unusual flavors that seemingly work (strawberry compote with goat cheese one week, gumbo special sauce the next) and the beef patty is super juicy.
I finally made it back today to try the burger that's only available Thursday nights and wasn't disappointed. Fresh ingredients, perfectly marinated and medium cooked meat!

Other than the burger I'm a huge fan of the terrine and truffle popcorn for appetizers, 
I tried some of the truffle popcorn - it's so good made with black truffle oil, butter, and Parmigiano Reggiano!  I'm a huge fan of Brussel sprouts and they make some of the best I've had - they use lamb bacon!  
Burger special on Thursdays is fun. The burger changes each week but you can check their Facebook page to see what it is on Thursday. Comes with chips and a pickle. Add a couple more bucks and get the beer pairing. Solid burger.
Grilled cheese with short ribs is fantastic. We also had the Brussel sprouts which were cooked perfectly. The portion is huge and could be shared with a group of 4. We had the French Classic and Short Rib Grilled Cheese. Both were awesome.
Their buffalo mozzarella sandwich is absolutely amazing,
 the grease from the burger made the bun soggy pretty quickly. I
The restaurant seating is limited, but the service is excellent. Be sure to try the orzo pasta salad - the best,

Final Thoughts:  This one is extremely Difficult to give a Solid rating to, since the Burgers are only served on Thursday's and they change each Thursday, it takes a while before you might see the same burger again, so I'm going to place down just outside our top 20, not due to the Taste of the Burger which was Very good when we went twice, but due to the other factors, and overall it's a fairly expensive visit if you try other things with the Burger.

Final Rating:  6.5* (Try it-above Avg/Good to VG)

Next Tasty Review: Looking over the places we've been trying to decide which review to post next, we have so many waiting to be published, Burger week 2018 overwhelmed us, we visited so many and we already had a few waiting to get published before burger week.

I must apologize as my Photo's of this meal for some reason did not turn out well on my cell, they were all blurred for some reason, never happened before, and I was unable to find any on the net.

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