Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tumbleweed #2

Our 84th Review
Official Review #84

511 Marketsquare Drive Maysville, Kentucky 41056


We've made 2 visits since our original 2 trips a while back, The Burger SLiders are still excellent, but the Regular Full-Sized Burger, for whatever reason still not good, but much better than before, but it's still not even top 25 on our list, they claim it has real Angus Beef, if true why does it not taste Better, Very good Veggies, & Fries, Chicken is also very good, service is mostly very good also.
It's been a few years since we tried this Steakhouse out and I had the Smoked Cheddar Bacon Burger:  served with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle, & either Waffle or Regular Fries, at that time it just was not a good burger at all, garnering the lowest rating ever on our list, how they managed that with what they claimed at the time to be an All Angus Beef burger, I will never know.
On this trip, I ordered the  Angus Sliders  $9.99   Four juicy Angus beef mini-burgers. Served with cheese and pickle.

They were very good, 10x better than the Full-sized Burger I had ordered years earlier, maybe things have changed, I might have to re-visit soon to update that original review, these pretty good-sized for sliders and thick and juicy, they had very good flavor, definitely had some spices, the 4 of them filled me completely with fries which were also good, the buns had a good taste that added to the flavor, and the cheese pickle was fresh and tasted good, overall a very solid and very good slider, I would order these anytime, service was good and friendly, a bit slow as they were crowded and seemed like forever waiting on the order to come and the waitress could have come back at least 1 more time in between to re-fill us.
My Wife ordered Steak, baked potato, and salad, she loves their steaks, and said her entire meal was excellent, she will definitely be back as this was her Birthday Dinner for 2018.

Final Thoughts: My Wife enjoyed her steak, & loves coming here for, the Steak, so if you do have to eat here, & pay for their overpriced food, get a steak, but not the crappy full-sized burgers, which I will update that review soon, but definitely order the Steak & or Sliders anytime.

Final Rating:   7.9* (Try it -abv Avg/Gd to VG)  They tie with Towne & Country bowling lanes & their Sliders on our list, also the 2 best siders we've had.

Next Tasty Review:   Still reviewing our choices.

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