Sunday, July 22, 2018

Biscuits to Burgers

Our 76th Review
Official Review #76

50  E. RiverCenter Blvd.
CovingtonKentucky  41011



Monday - Sunday | 7:00am - 9:00pm
We decided to visit this one for Cincinnati Burger Week, 
The burger was very good, the flavor was solid all around, definitely a hand-made patty, with possibly salt & pepper on it, not much else spice wise, , it also had a very good bun. You can also build your own burger or order a signature burger
We went ordered the Dynamite Burger 1/2 lb. house blend of ground beef with crispy onion straws, melted ghost pepper cheese, shaved jalapenos and sriracha mayo on a toasted jalapeno-infused bun.
  This was a good sized Burger & definitely worth what you pay for, unlike some places that overcharge, for their regular prices.

We all agree, that it's one of the better Burgers in the area, not the best, but it surely makes our top 15 & should make anyone else's top 10 as well, but as for the best, again, that's most likely been propped up as the best in town, in other reviews by a lot of the Locals, & people that have not tried out some of the other top Burgers in town.

Would I come here again, just for the Burger, yes, & My Wife really liked it also.

Final Thoughts: So far one of the better Burgers we have had in the entire area, & definitely a top 10 contender for sure in any list, & for now, probably top 15 on our list, very close to the top 10, but we have many, many other Burgers to try, as our list grows.

Final Rating: 8.2* (Try it out-above Average/Good to Very Good)

Next Tasty Review: Tavern on the Bend.

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