Sunday, July 29, 2018

Bubbys Burgers

Our 82nd Review
Official Review #82

603 Forest AveMaysville, KY 41056-1411


They have excellent little burgers, tastes like the old diners I use to see on the roadside as a kid when we use to visit Mamaw & Papaw in Hazard & my Granny in Jackson, Kentucky, a bit similar to a White Castle, but just somewhat, they are their own little burgers, also the Big Cheese is just as good,
they are just plain Great Tasty Burgers & Sliders, buns are tasty as are all of the toppings, fries are very good, we got some Cheese Coney's & a BLT on the 2nd visit, the Coneys are excellent as is the BLT.
This was our 1st visit here, we had seen their Building location on Forest Ave. but had never stopped, this time we saw their Trailer in a parking lot, so we decided to try it out. My Wife ordered their famous sliders with Grippo's chips & I ordered the Big Cheese with fries. Both came with soft buns & tasty toppings.  & the servers are friendly. We'll definitely be back. I had the Coney dogs, which were delicious. My mother-in-law had her first White Lights and fell in love!

We made a 2nd trip this time to The restaurant which is small but cozy, The service was quick & friendly, seemed to be good workers, & it's a very nice decor & clean well maintained establishment, overwhelming smells of good comfort foods. Polite staff, it's a good place to eat, there is also outdoor seating, it gives a nice view over a small park area.

You definitely leave with a good taste on your pallets with this Burger, if you stay here or visit nearby, you must try out, it's one of the very best Burgers/sliders we have had.

Final Thoughts: Definitely one of the top 2 or 3 Sliders we've ever had anywhere & the bigger burger is solid also definitely recommend eating here when in the area or passing by...

Final Rating:       7.0*(Try it-above Avg/Good to VG)

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Mon-Thur 10AM-10PM

Fri -Sat 10AM-2AM


                                      This is their little Mobile Food Trailer!

The excellent BLT!

Their Delicious Cheese Coneys!

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