Saturday, July 21, 2018


Our 74th Review
Official Review #74

199 East 6th Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


We chose Wahlburgers as one of our places to visit during Cincinnati Burger week 2018, we have watched their TV show since it started and I've always been curious how good their Burgers are.

The Location in Downtown Cinci, is very rough on parking, extremely hard to get a spot close unless your lucky to find one, parking is around $2.50 an hour on the parking meters, and during Burger Week with Prime Cincinnati in it and 580 Market both just a half block away, you could hit all 3 during the same visit, might be best to find a parking garage or something, they are somewhat cheaper, and the Parking enforcement people patrol that area hard.

We got there about 12:45pm on a Thursday, it was packed, but no wait at that point, service was fast and friendly and the waiter very nice and informative about the place when we said it was our 1st time there.

We ordered the Our Burger   $8.45 regular price, $5 for Burger week, 1/3lb custom grind burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, Paul's housemade signature sauce & pickles, with Fries  $3.50 a bit pricey for that size of order of fries, may as well have ordered another $5 Burger, the fries were very good, the Water, not too good, but I guess that's typical Cincinnati tap water, the Bun was not a Brioche, but it was the best Non-Brioche Bun I've had anywhere, very good Bakery Bun, I'm sure they get them specially made.

It was a fairly good-sized Burger, the lettuce, tomato & onion and pickles were all fresh and tasty, the sauce was good also, the Beef was Cooked to order, Medium Well as I always do, the meat flavor by itself was just a tad plain, even with salt & pepper I put on it, we had eaten earlier at B&A Street Kitchen and their Angus Beef Patty was excellent & Delicious much better than this beef, but B&A's overall Burger was not as good as this, if Paul could take B&A's excellent Angus Beef Patty and replace his, they would have a huge hit and a much better tasting burger, as it is, it's just a good plain ole fashioned Burger, which I like and I gave it a good rating and review overall, not the best tasting Beef Patty around, but good enough.

With great Friendly & Fast service, I would recommend to try it out at least once here, there are too many other excellent Burgers in town for us to return here again unless we are invited with friends, I would not want to fight the parking headache again.


Monday - Thursday | 11:00am - 10:00am
Friday - Saturday | 11:00am - 11:00pm
Sunday | 11:00am - 10:00am
Final Thoughts: Just a good Old Fashioned Burger, Very Good Overall, but the Beef Patty not quite as Tasty as others in town, Fries were good, service great, parking terrible, I would recommend once but would not go back myself as there are better in town, but we love the show, so had to try it out.

Final Rating:  8.0*  (Try it-above Avg/Good to VG)

Next Tasty Review:  B&A Street Kitchen

One of our Burger Team Members, Sue S.

                The Our Burger!

The Our Burger!

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