Friday, July 20, 2018


Our 73rd Review
Official Review #73


6507 Harrison AveCincinnati, OH 45247-2816



We went to BucketHeads, after checking the reviews they were nearly split on how good this place was, only a few burger reviews, this review is short and simple.
We went during Burger week & got The Handyman Burger  for $5
This is your classic cheeseburger, 1/3 Pound of Beef, cooked to order, and downright delicious. I love a good, juicy cheeseburger, and it did not disappoint. I opted for ketchup and mustard in lieu of the tartar sauce, but I would highly recommend this burger if you're in the mood for one. 

Mainly Salt & Pepper are about the only spices I detected on it, the bun was pretty good, just a plain bun, nothing special, the toppings were fresh, it came with, American Cheese, Lettuce, Pickles & Tartar Sauce.
 It was fairly good-sized, it filled us both, we also got a salad, pitiful, not much in it, I would not recommend a salad here.

If you want a good plain ole burger, nothing gourmet or anything, this is it.

Final Thoughts:  A very good Plain old fashioned, normal burger, similar to the Wahlburgers Our Burger we had earlier.

Final Rating:  8.0* (Try it-above Avg/Good to VG)

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