Monday, July 16, 2018

Quaker Steak & Lube

Our 71st Review
Official Review #71

590 Chamber drive

Milford, Ohio 45150


We went to the Milford, Ohio & Florence Kentucky Locations, they have 3 total locations in the area, I tried the Market Cut Bacon Cheddar Burger:  Topped with Market aged Cheddar Cheese, grilled onions, with savory garlic and Red Pepper Harissa mayo at the Florence Location, it was a big burger, & tasted great, it's definitely either going to be top 10 or right near the top, & that is not putting this burger down, as my Top 10 is tough to crack, the meat was very tasty, with bare minium spices, as usual, ordered it Medium Well done, the bun was huge, but also added to the flavor, the toppings of Lettuce, tomato & onions were all fresh and very good, overall an excellent burger, the fries were very good, I tried some of my Wifes  Steak & it was very tender & delicious, she also agreed on my opinion of the burger.  at the Milford Location we ordered the 1-pound Bigga Burger (chopped steakburger with ranch sauce and cheese and grilled onions seasoned in chipotle barbecue rub) This one was awesome & delicious, even better than the burger we tried at the other location, this one is part of their throwback menu & they say they don't plan to keep it for very long, in my opinion, a very stupid business decision as it's in my top 5 easy, it was huge, the biggest burger I've had anywhere, it came on a Hoagie style bun, shaped like a Steak Hoagie but thicker like a burger, the taste was just awesome, juicy & delicious, very well cooked, a handmade burger, with the perfect amount of spices, some salt & pepper for sure, cooked perfectly the way I ordered it.
Fries were very good, my WIfe ordered a Baked Potatoe and it was very good also, service in Florence was awesome, in several trips to Milford, it's been hit or miss each time, 1-time good service, the next can be anywhere from ok to almost having to ask for the manager.

Final Thoughts: very good Bun on the regular burger and very tasty one on the 1 pound burger,  and toppings were nice & fresh, very good Fries & Baked Potatoe, I would eat here again anytime, and we have and have plans to do so again soon.
The 1 pound is definitely top 5 & the other one is close to the top 10.

Final Rating: *9.0  For the 1-pound Bigga Burger   (Exceptional - Must try it) 

Final Rating: *8.0  
For the Market Cut Bacon Cheddar Burger.
(Try it - Above Average, Good to Very Good)

the 1-pound Bigga Burger (chopped steakburger with ranch sauce and cheese and grilled onions seasoned in chipotle barbecue rub) This is on huge awesome tasting sandwich.
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Market Cut Bacon Cheddar Burger:

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