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Our 72nd Review
Official Review #72


                580 Walnut Street  Suite 100 

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


Update for 2019 Cincinnati Burger week!
I went here on the 1st day of Burger week to try it out since it was my #1 pick from the last 2 years and also #1 on this blog now, I have been so busy I have not had a chance to post this update, as my Wife who normally is always with me on my reviews along with some other members of our group could not get out due to health issues this year, and then the heat was so bad even when she felt better she could not go, so this trip was just myself, and here is this years entry from Prime for burger week, it's the same as last year which is perfectly fine with me, and once again nothing has changed.
This is still the Best burger I've had anywhere, in Cincinnati, & Northern, Ky. all the way down to Maysville, it was absolutely delicious.
I would and will recommend this burger and restaurant to anyone I can, when I find a good burger, a good tasting top 10 burger and especially one worthy of the Top Five and the #1 SPOT, I go all out to let people know, because I enjoy sharing that information and to help patronize that location and support them and their burgers, not since Gabby's Cafe in Wyoming has 1 burger occupied the #1 Spot on our list more than 1 year.
This one has made it 2 in a row and they are heading for 3 in a row by the end of 2019, Gabby's was #1  I think 4 years in a row, but they fell off a bit the last few years and had a poor showing in last years burger week, so I did not try them out this year, but will do so in a few months to see where they are at with their burgers, but definitely get to Prime, 100% the best burger in the area, and Cincinnati has as many if not more excellent burger spots here than anywhere else I've been, so there is a lot of competition so to be #1 or even top 10 is a big deal.

Please read my review from last year, nothing changed it's still one awesome & delicious burger.

Prime Cincinnati, Congratulations on another Awesome burger week and still having the best burger all week and all year.

Primes 2019 Burger week burger!

Jack Burger

Prime Burger, Rocket Arugula, Aged Vermont Cheddar, Bourbon-Bacon Jam, Berkshire Bacon, Truffle Aioli, Brioche
Parking is rough here in the 6th street & walnut st. area, we usually park one street over by wahlburgers & up that next block or with luck you might catch a spot in front of Nada right across the street, parking is $2.50 an hour on the meters, with 1 hour an 12 mins on our meter, we had 17 mins left when done after eating 2 burgers.

I would suggest no matter what time you go, use open- table on prime's webpage to get a reservation, it's quick an easy to do.

Update  #2  We made a 3rd trip to Prime today at 1:15pm, it was just as good if not better than the 1st 2 trips, absolutely a delicious, just dive right into it a burger.

UPDATE!  MADE The 2nd TRIP TODAY Saturday 7/21/2018 and it was just as good as the 1st trip on Thursday for Burger week, so the review below still stands for today's visit, nothing changes.
We tried out this excellent place for the 1st time during Cincinnati Burger week, on 7/19/2018,
I actually had never heard of it before, and it's burger had never been mentioned in any other top 10 list I've seen for reviews in town.
This one is normally $11,  so that's a tremendous deal to get to try it out for $5
It was The Jack Burger Prime burger which is normally $11  with rocket arugula, aged Vermont cheddar, Jack Daniel’s infused bacon and onion jam, Berkshire bacon truffle aioli on a brioche bun.

What is Rocket Argula/Arugula or rocket is an edible annual plant in the Brassicaceae family used as a leaf vegetable for its fresh peppery flavor? Other common names include garden rocket, or simply rocket, & eruca.

What are Truffle Aoili/Truffles are an extremely rare, aromatic & delicious member of the fungi family?

Able to grow only in certain soil & climate conditions, they have an intense, earthy flavor that has long been considered a culinary delicacy. you can enjoy this rare & wonderful ingredient on sandwiches, burgers, as a dip or dolloped onto grilled fish.

Here is Prime claim,
We proudly serve Certified Angus Beef  The Best Angus Beef Ever Made!

I have eaten a LOT of burgers in my life, and this was hands down, the BEST burger I have ever had. 

The Brioche bun was warm and soft and Brioche is my Favorite type of Burger Bun, but Wahlburgers had the best non Brioche I've ever had, but this one is as good as they come, overall an Excellent Bun, not quite the very best we've ever tasted in a bun, but extremely close, Delities in Maysville, Ky. has one delicious Brioche, just by a slight edge., .
 The aged Vermont cheddar and Jack Daniels infused bacon were a spectacular pairing with a perfectly cooked, juicy beef patty, thick, Looks great with Grill marks on it, it definitely says take a bite now! I would guess it had Salt & Pepper but could not detect any other spices if it had them, this one Melts in you Mouth like butter & very juicy, the bacon was crisp but not hard & had an awesome flavor. 
The Aged Vermont Cheddar was near perfectly melted & had an excellent flavor that added to the overall taste.
This Patty is as good, if not better tasting than any other Burger Patty we've ever tasted, B&A Street Kitchen had one awesome tasting burger patty that came close, but it's texture & freshness taste did not quite match this one, but it was definitely a close 2nd, soft, Juicy & delicious.
All the Toppings & additions, like the onion jam, just added to the overall flavor of the burger, the Bacon was crisp but not hard or tough, had a softer texture to it,  I would love to try their burger with just the brioche bun & the beef Patty, with regular lettuce, tomato, & onion on it, to see how that tastes, maybe sometime I might order one plain to go & make it my own at home, just to test that out.
The Execution & preparation & overall appearance of the Burger, It looks Delicious, can't wait to dive into it, nice fresh looking, the bun sort of had a glistening shine to it, the burger patty looked perfectly grilled with clear grill marks on it, from the nice green Rocket Argula, to the Bacon hanging over it & the perfectly melted cheese, we ordered it well done, cooked to order & that's how it came out.
We also got an appetizer of Deviled eggs and they were PERFECT.  Smooth and creamy with the right amount of salty taste from the bacon and chives.
Also added a side salad and it was excellent also, everything on the salad was crisp & fresh, well prepared.
 I really can't say enough about how wonderful all of the food was. If you have never been to Prime Cincinnati you NEED to go. It is THAT good.
Prime Cincinnati was the general consensus as having the best burger in Cincinnati's Burger week in 2017 & 2018, so they extended their $5 Burger 1 additional week until July 29th, 2018, so we decided to on Friday the 27th.

Overall an extremely tasty burger, that left an awesome aftertaste in your mouth after every bite & even after we got in the car we could still taste the delicious flavors it left us with, I would recommend this Burger to anyone, anytime, even you personally did not rank it as the best ever, you would certainly have to agree it's as good as any or right up in the top 2 or 3.

Final Thoughts:  Absolutely Awesome Burger, the best I've had anywhere in 35 years of Blogging for the best Burger,  also very good Bun, I would eat here again anytime, and we have plans to do so again soon.

Definitely The New  #1 Burger on our List.

Final Rating: *9.6 
  ( Extremely Exceptional-Must try it) 

Deviled Eggs were also very Good!

The salad was excellent!


Monday - Thursday | 11:00am - 10:00pm
Friday | 11:00am - 11:00pm
Saturday | 4:00pm - 11:00pm
Sunday | 3:00pm - 8:00pm

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