Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ladder 19

Our 75th Review
Official Review #75

2701 Short Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219


We tried Ladder 19 located in the Clifton area, today Saturday 7/21/2018 for Cincinnati Burger week, we got there about 1:30pm, it was raining hard, and the place was packed, so my Wife waited in the car for this one, I was seated at a 2 – person table, appeared to me to be the last seat in the house, had to wait a few extra minutes, the manager came over, said hello, asked a Waitress to get my order, I got the Beer Cheese Burger a 1/2 lb. burger topped with melted beer cheese,  long crispy bacon, and  crispy fried onion straws,  on a pretzel bun, it was not on their regular Menu that I could find, a few minutes later they asked if I would move to the Bar so 2 people could be seated at my table, I was fine with that, they were very nice, and by then, there were a few spots at the bar open to sit.
The Manager was extremely nice, and the Bartender was also.
I just got the Burger & Water, as I was not staying long since it was so crowded & my Wife in the car.
This Burger was huge, 2 thick hand-made Patties, definitely made by hand in their Kitchen for sure, maybe some Salt & Pepper, but that's about it for spices in the burger, the bacon strips were huge and crisp with excellent Flavor, the Beef also had very good flavor to it, I really did not taste the perfectly crisp onion straws that much on it at all, it was a warm Pretzel bun, soft & tasty.
It's a very busy area at all times of the day & night, parking is at a premium, I parked down Charlton street on the side of Ladder 19 and then down around the next corner, not that far of a week, but it was free parking, so I didn't mind the walk, even though it was raining, I got lucky and caught the rain in between downpours, more of a College area Hang out, so go for Lunch or non busy hours.

I made sure to Tip properly at each Burger Week place I ate at this week.

Final Thoughts: Again, another short, quick, review, why, because it's so simple to do this one, nothing to write, except, go here & get one, you must try it out, it's absolutely a very good Burger, I would recommend it and eat here again, it probably will finish just outside my top 10 and just barely ranked a tad lower than Hangover Easy which is just around the corner & across the street from their side entrance.

Final Rating:   8.2*(Try it-above Avg/Good to VG)

This is the Photo of our Burger after I got back to the car, the container is the one leftover from another place, I just wrapped it up in the paper when I left, they were too crowded to bother asking for a container or bag.

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