Monday, July 23, 2018

Hang Over Easy

Our 80th Review
Official Review #80

                               Hang Over Easy

13 W. Charlton 
Cincinnati, OH 45219


We ate here Saturday during Cincinnati Burger Week 2018

This is another short quick, simple review because it was very good, so it's easy to review.

We ordered the PB&J BURGER  
Fresh Eckerlins Burger grilled, definitely  Hand-Made, then topped with melted cheddar cheese and Eckerlins bacon. Served on a toasted potato roll spread with peanut butter and strawberry jelly. we went there right after going to Ladder 19, it's just around the corner across the street from Ladder's side entrance.
It's an old Fashioned Diner, with red an black checkered decor, booths, tables & a nice bar to sit at for food. I was seated right away and order taken quickly, it was clean and a little over half full for Lunch about 1:30 pm on a rainy day,
the food arrived quickly, it was a good-sized burger and the Beef Patty had a good taste to it, definitely some spices added we could not fully pick out, but definitely salt for sure, they had Sea Salt on the tables which I love.
The PB&J on it, could be tasted and actually added to the flavor to make it different but not take away from the overall flavor of the burger, it had a good bun on it, it was a Toasted Potato Roll, the bacon was very good & Crispy, I rated it slightly better than Ladder 19, they were very close in taste, but slightest of edge to HangoverEasy.
Final Thoughts: This one was Very Good overall, one of the best we've had anywhere and one of the best during Burger Week.
It's definitely Top 10 Material anytime on any list, it just missed our Top 10 by a few percentage points, but it's right there with the rest of the top 10.
I would recommend eating here anytime and also try Ladder 19 right next door, Ladder is usually more crowded as it's on the Main drag, this one is a bit hidden around the corner.
Final Review: 8.4* (Try it-above Avg/Good to VG
Very Good Fries.

Next Tasty Reviewworking on the next one.

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